Agavé Garden Launches Five Inaugural Fruit Flavored Agavé Wines

Agave Garden LogoFine wine made from organic Blue Weber agavé nectar

SEBASTOPOL, CA, August 2014 —John Tracy, president and CEO of Owl Ridge Wine Services, announced the inaugural release of five distinct flavors of Agavé Garden wines: Tropical, Cranberry, Ginger, Passion Fruit-Orange-Guava and Peach. “We are enthusiastically trailblazing a new beverage category with our innovative brand of fine agavé wines,” he stated. “These wines appeal to customers seeking bold new flavors who enjoy the appeal of a fruity, semisweet, lower alcohol refresher. After testing the market for the past couple of years, we are now ready to expand production and national distribution.”

Agavé Garden wine is made like a fine wine from the juice of organic Blue Weber agavé, grown in Mexico and produced by Owl Ridge Wine Services, located in California’s Russian River Valley.

Agavé Garden Wines Reflect Popular Appeal of Agavé Based Beverages and Semisweet Wines

American consumers are becoming very passionate about both agavé based beverages and semisweet wines. There is a lot of buzz around agavé as a natural sweetener and distilled as Tequila and Mezcal. Like Tequila and Mezcal, Agavé Garden wines also use the heart of the agavé plant containing aguamiel or “honey water.” Highly refining this agavé nectar, from the core of the plant, yields light syrup, which is blended with just the right amount of water and fermented like a quality white wine in a long cool ferment in stainless steel tanks with temperatures never exceeding 70 degrees.

Fruity, Semisweet and Low Alcohol Served Over Ice, as a Cocktail and more…

The wine is settled, filtered and infused with a blend of flavors and ingredients, as well as additional agavé nectar, to bring the wine to the ideal level of sweetness. All the wines are made with 100 percent organic Blue Weber agavé; have a residual sugar of 45 g/L, 11 percent alcohol, packaged in 750 ml bottles and priced between $7.99 and $9.99.

The infused fruit flavorings give Agavé Garden its five distinct flavors. The wines are very versatile, enjoyed as an aperitif, over ice, with a splash of soda, mixed into an agavé wine cocktail or served with a variety of food.

Agavé Garden Tropical wine has intense aromas of fresh pineapple, followed by bright flavors of coconut, ripe banana and a hint of mango.

Agavé Garden Cranberry wine displays a beautiful garnet color with aromas of cranberry. On the palate, the mouth is filled with fresh cranberries, hibiscus herbal tea and lingering hints of grapefruit.

Agavé Garden Ginger wine has a fragrant nose of freshly grated ginger, followed by vibrant bursts of ginger and lime flavors; ideally paired with spicy Asian cuisine.

Agavé Garden Passion Fruit • Orange • Guava wine reflects aromas reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands with ripe passion fruit and guava flavors, framed with orange zest and citrus.

Agavé Garden Peach wine has a creamy golden hue and intense aromas and flavors of fresh peaches with subtle nuances of orange and mango.

Recipe for Agavé Garden Cranberry Cosmo

1-1/2 oz. vodka

2 oz. Cranberry Agavé Garden Wine

1/2 oz. triple sec

1/4 oz. Rose’s limejuice

Place all ingredients into a shaker with ice, and shake well. Rim an iced martini glass with sugar and pour into a glass. Cheers!

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Owl Ridge Wine Cellars/Availability of Agavé Garden Wines

A premium winemaking facility, Owl Ridge Wine Cellars (ORWS) has years of experience in custom winemaking. The proprietors’ brands of Owl Ridge and Willowbrook Cellars are also made at ORWS. A few years ago, Owl Ridge’s winemaking team started inventing Agavé Garden wines, a unique product that can be made in the winter months, allowing year-round use of the excellent facility and staff.

Agavé Garden wines are currently distributed in California, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida. They can be ordered directly from the winery by calling 707.823.0149; “We are looking forward to expanding our distribution network in the future,” said Tracy.

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