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AGAVÉ GARDEN is a fine wine made from the juice of organic Blue Weber Agavé produced in the same manner as fine white grape wines with a long cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks until fermented dry. The wine is enhanced by the addition of unfermented agavé nectar which imparts a delicate sweetness. The infusion of select natural fruit flavors completes the process creating wines with a unique refreshing taste
displaying a delicious balance of acidity and sweetness.

AGAVÉ GARDEN wines are offered in five flavors:
Peach, Ginger, Tropical, Cranberry
& Passion Fruit-Orange-Guava

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They are best enjoyed chilled on their own, or paired with a selection of fruits and cheeses, and are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of foods especially spicy Latin and Asian cuisines.

Agavé Garden wines are made by Owl Ridge Wine Services, a nationally recognized producer of award winning premium grape wines from California. With years of experience in the production of custom grape wines and after much trial and experimentation, Owl Ridge succeeded, where others had failed, in creating truly fine agavé wines from the juice of the Blue Weber agavé plant. Agavé Garden wines are in a class of their own, offering consumers a new and delicious alternative to traditional grape wines and other alcoholic beverages.

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