Agavé Garden is proud to introduce its inaugural wines. Our fine agavé wine was treated and fermented like a high end white wine, with a long cool ferment in stainless steel tanks where temperatures never exceeding 70 degrees. The 100% organic Blue Weber Agavé is fermented to dryness over the course of a few weeks. The wine is then settled, filtered and is ready to be flavored.

Once the base wine is ready, our winemaking team adjusts the acidity and pH to find the perfect balance. We then pull some of the wine out and soak dried hibiscus flowers in the wine until we achieve the right color and flavor profile. The wine is then masterfully blended back with some base wine, additional flavorings as well as additional agavé nectar to bring the wine to the ideal level of sweetness and complexity.

100% Organic Blue Weber Agavé
45 g/L
11 %
Bottle Size
750 ml

Tasting Notes

A beautiful garnet color greets the eyes while aromas of cranberry. On the palate, this wine is mouth filling with the components of fresh cranberries, hibiscus herbal tea, and lingering with hints of grapefruit. It is fresh and vibrant with a great balance, full flavored, with a dry long finish.

Serving Suggestions:

Agavé Garden is a fine wine to enjoy on any occasion. We recommend serving this wine slightly chilled. This wine is so versatile that it may be enjoyed as an aperitif or mixed into an agavé wine cocktail.

Cranberry CocktailsAgavé Garden Cranberry Cosmo

1½ oz. vodka
2 oz. Cranberry Agavé Garden Wine
½ oz. triple sec
¼ oz. Rose’s lime juice
Place all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake well.
Rim an iced martini glass with sugar and pour into glass.

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